Best Tweets in Mental Health (wk of 10/31/2011)

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This post is part of a weekly series, Best Tweets in Mental Health, featuring the best posts of the week, in social work, psychology, nonprofit and private practice on Social Work Career Development.

Social Work:

Debate Summary for 01-Nov-2011 on Developing Leadership in Social Work and Social Care
Social Work/Social Care & Social Media (Claudia)

“The debate was quite lively, in fact, we hit our “daily Twitter limit” during the debate and during the final minutes @SWSCmedia could not tweet any further…SWkrs need to be proactive as agents of change to advocate for their own practice needs…”

Driving Distractions
what a shrink thinks (Martha Crawford, LCSW)

“My attention crashes back into the office (to an imaginary client, let’s call him Sam, and a fictitious session that never happened and yet, seems also to have happened too many times to count): My first focus is entirely on… recapturing the thread…”

It’s Ok to Run, Just Don’t Run Away
@NAH Blog (Relando Thompkins, MSW)

“Too often after “educating” ourselves we leave the burden to another person…
So I’ve made a choice to be a voice for those who cannot speak…
Now, when I run through the “hood” I have the same determination with a new state of mind…”

Like a Horror Movie: Voter ID Laws…Coming After You
Classroom to Capitol (Melinda Lewis)

“We need a legal strategy that attacks the laws’ undue infringement on our core constitutional right to vote, a legislative plan that mounts the strong attack that was missing initially, and an organizing effort that recognizes this threat as what it really is…”

Good Goodbyes 
Practice Wisdom (Natalie L. Hill, LICSW)

“Goodbyes can be emotionally-fraught for many of us. They represent loss, and may bring up unresolved feelings of abandonment, rejection, helplessness and hopelessness. Without time to process these responses, termination can mean a setback...”

How I Passed the NYS LMSW Exam, 4 Years Post-Grad
NASW (Ammu Prashantini)

“First thing to do, and the thing you must consistently do throughout your studying and testing process:  Find a way to battle your ANXIETY!…Find a study partner. I am usually a loner when it comes to doing something I need to focus my energy on…”

Multiple Personality Deception: Sybil Exposed
Everyone Needs Therapy (@therapydoc)

“We thought Shirley had suffered a childhood trauma, developed “alters” to cope with her terrifying world, but lo and behold, her psychiatrist, with the help of a writer, milked a case of pernicious amnesia to make a lot of money…”

Social Workers and clients with unrealistic plans for success in life
Diary of a Social Worker (Dave Ray)

“There is one phenomenon that I have come across quite a bit lately: the tendency for clients to approach their issues in terms of the future, rather than the here and now…For example, I will sometimes have a client who faces homelessness because they can’t see the need for providing for the basics needs like rent or utility payments…”

The Poet
“Hold My Hand” A Social Worker’s Blog

“He had found motivation in his poetry-or his motivation shone through his poetry…We graciously displayed his poem on a facility board for many others to read…I treasured a copy of Mr. H’s poem. I’ve found myself reading it a few times lately…”

The Texas Judge Video – VERY HARD TO WATCH
Child Protection Lessons (Peter Choate)

“This case raises the very difficult question of whether or not corporal punishment is a valid form of discipline and if it is, under what conditions…the ability to intervene or protect is determined by social, community, cultural and in particular, legal norms…”

What do social workers make?
Social Worker Mom  (Karen Quinnelly Arrington, LBSW)

“You’re a social worker, Karen. Be honest. What do you make?”…I, having a reputation for honesty and frankness, replied, “You want to know what I make?” I paused for a moment and began, “Well, I have made safe places for abused children…”

Your Online Identity Scares Me: Social Work and Online Behaviors
Social Work Tech Blog (Ignacio)

“When identifying ourselves as social workers in our private social media lives, we run several risks, especially when we are found by our colleagues, bosses, and heaven-forbid our clients…My best advice is, unless you are going to tweet as a professional, do not identify yourself as a social work (or social care) professional…


4 Ways to Build Emotional Resilience
The Tool Box (Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT)

“If you don’t feel particularly resilient, know that you can deepen your sense of well-being and begin to build your own emotional resilience toolbox.  The more you practice, the more you can literally change the way your brain is wired…”

Be Kind
Dr. Ann Becker Schutte

“Each person walking around in the world today has (or will) lived through at least one shattering, life-changing, heart-breaking experience…The important thing here is not the specific nature of our pain–it’s the fact that, to most of the people we interact with, our pain is invisible…”

Comparison of the ICD-10 PTSD Diagnosis With the DSM-IV Criteria
Veterans Affairs – National Center for PTSD

“The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the classification used since 1994 by the World Health Organization (WHO)…The DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10 criteria for diagnosis of PTSD are similar but there are some differences…The ICD-10 does not specify a functioning criterion…”

Don’t Let Stress Spoil Your Fun This Holiday Season
The Mindful Self-Express (Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.)

“To cope with anxiety, say to yourself “What’s the worst that can happen if I don’t get this done in time?” Most of the time, the consequences will be bearable and not the end of the world…”

Eating Disorder Recovery: Dealing With The Emotions
Healthy Place (Angela E. Gambrel)

“But I have spent years suppressing my emotions through restricting and starvation, and I struggle to move forward each time I reach this stage of recovery. It feels like my mind is always swirling with painful emotions…”

Get Your Hunting On – Insight is Empowering
A Friend to Yourself  (Sana Johnson-Quijada, MD)

“Finding insight can often feel like going on a bear hunt…mid-stride, mid-journey or in-process of anything our hand starts to shake. We remember more of our flaws rather than our merits…We stumble often and start talking about why we cannot…”

Helping Out by Sharing My Life’s Journey through Anxiety
Therapy4help Blog (Laurel Wiig Milan, Ph.D., MFT)

“I am Ryan Rivera and I suffered from anxiety for 7 years…I would like to share my journey, so others can learn from it and take it as a form of motivation. People with anxiety need to know that help is available and there is a way out…”

A mother’s account of her daughter’s suicide
Out of the Shadows @wbez

“Alicia’s suicide was shocking, not because the family wasn’t aware of her depression, but precisely because they were aware of it. They’d treated and supported her condition for years and felt very close as a family…”

PTSD and Your Brain, Part 1  and Part 2
Heal My PTSD  (Michele Rosenthal)

“During a trauma…the brain’s main function is to get through the event; the brain helps us survive by activating biologic reactions involved in helping us mount the fight/flight response…After trauma, the brain’s job is to remember what happened and develop survival skills for the future…”

Taming the “Wild Horse” of the Mind
Laura Schenck, M.A.

“Mindfulness is a tool that allows you to begin to harness the wild nature of the mind and regain the deep-seated sense of equanimity that you are capable of experiencing…It is not uncommon for people to feel ruled by their passions, at the whim of their emotions…”

Therapists Spill: The Best Advice I’ve Received On Conducting Therapy
PsychCentral  (Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.)

“The therapist has to stay awake and care… You have to be alert and ready to respond… Make mistakes!…if you’re afraid to make mistakes you can become so risk averse that you don’t grow and learn…As therapists we can learn a lot from theory, mentors, etc., but ultimately, as with any art, each therapist has to develop his or her own voice and style…”

The Fear of Change
After Psychotherapy (Joseph Burgo PhD)

“There’s no guaranty that change will be for the better; you don’t know for sure how you’re going to feel when your world changes. For this reason, many people have a strong fear of change; they cling to the familiar, even if it’s not especially satisfying…”


Good News for Giving 2.0: Your Organization’s Champions Are Your Most Valuable Resource
Beth’s Blog

“Anyone and everyone who gives anything — time, money, experience, skills, networks — in any amount to create a better world can be a philanthropist…many celebrities do not effectively raise money for nonprofits.  Instead, lesser known people fair better, particularly those that 1.) have a personal connection to the cause…”

Private Practice:

8 Reasons To Work In…Agency BEFORE You Go Into Private Practice – Part 1 & Part 2
Private Practice from the Inside Out (Tamara Suttle)

“Here’s 8 reasons why I believe new mental health professionals (and coaches) should spend at least 3-5 years gaining their clinical sea legs before stepping out into private practice…The clinical experience will be rich…This strengthens your clinical and diagnostic skills…”

How to Reinforce Innovation in Clinical Practice
At the intersection of health care, business, and social media (Dr. Susan Giurleo)

“Innovating can be exciting, scary, invigorating and challenging all at once…The culture we live in has changed dramatically, health care reform will come. And those who change and innovate will be much better off than those who wait, watch and fear an unknown future…”

Social Media (Info on Traumatic Stress, Sleep & Mindfulness via Podcasts):

Episode 83 – Dr. Carol Tosone: Shared Traumatic Stress: Challenges and Opportunities for Clinicians Living and Working in a Post-Disaster Environment
Living Proof Podcast

“Dr. Carol Tosone discusses shared traumatic stress, the experience of mental health clinicians dually exposed to a traumatic experience, both primarily as citizens and secondarily through the trauma narratives of their clients… need for training and self-care for clinicians living and working in a traumatogenic environment.”

Insights at the Edge: Interviews with Leading Spiritual Teachers and Writers
Sounds True (free podcasts)

“Tami speaks with Dr. Naiman about how hyperarousal interferes with healthy sleep, the power of weaning ourselves off the alarm clock, and how we can embrace the deeper dimensions of sleep and dreams…Jon Kabat-Zinn shows us how we can “drop in” on the present moment whenever we wish, and bring our full awareness to whatever troubles us…”

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