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    Thanks for sharing this, Dorleem. In my own experience with art therapy I’ve seen how the arts allow folks to explore and share deep unconscious feelings and experiences in a safe way. I think this is also a great tool for social work profession development because we are so immersed therapy at times that its hard not to “be” a social worker, but art therapy helps us in letting go of control. At least for me.

    Hope this helps!

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      Hi Mozart,

      Thanks so much for sharing some of your own experiences with art therapy.

      It sounds like you have truly reaped some of the benefits of engaging in art therapy. You have not only seen how one may safely discover and explore deep unconscious feelings and experiences but also felt the freedom of the medium itself…

      I hadn’t thought about art therapy as a potential self-care tool before but I agree with you – I think that it could serve a wonderful means of release for social workers (and other mental health professionals)!

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