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This post is part of a weekly series, Best in Mental Health, featuring some of the best posts of the week, in social work, psychology, evidence-based practice/healthcare, non-profit and private practice concerns on Social Work Career Development.

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Evidence Based Practice/Healthcare:

Could Auto-Enrollment Be the Answer?
The Health Care Blog (Jaan Sidorov)
“Republicans are apparently proposing that states be allowed to “auto-enroll” persons… tax credit would cover the insurance costs, no bills would be issued to the consumer and voilà! the risk pools would expand… persons could always just say no…”

People who died by suicide are more likely to have been last discharged from a general hospital
The Mental Elf (David Steele)
“this study is currently one of the largest reported of its kind…14% of those who completed suicide after last being discharged from general hospital had a psychiatric disorder recorded during their last time spent in hospital…”

Relieve baby’s pain without drugs. Little things that help during a painful procedure
Evidently Cochrane (Sarah Chapman)

“if your baby has to have a painful procedure… there are things you can do to minimise their pain, including holding their bare chest to yours, giving a sugar solution or breast milk and allowing them to suck or to breastfeed…”

Social Work:
A 21st Century Financial Aid Policy
Classroom to Capitol (Melinda K Lewis)
We have largely eroded the supports that used to be there for low-income students… Reinvest in higher education as a collective good…Improve quality of K-12 education, to reduce the need for remediation in college…”

Gamer Therapist (Mike Langlois, LICSW)

“if you want to do play therapy… start using 21st century play… only reason you don’t have patients who tell you they game is because you don’t ask… make room for diversity, passion, and expansive thinking…” 

Guest post @markoneinfour: social media and public professionals #expo14NHS
Connecting Social Care and Social Media (Shirley Ayres)

“Mark Brown…exploring “What is the role of social media in health and care?…generation of ‘public professionals’…doing their jobs while maintaining social media enabled relationships with a whole range of people…”

A Love Letter to Social Work
The New Social Worker (Susan Mankita, LCSW)

“Ours is a romance of 25 years… Because of you, I bear witness to people’s pain on a daily basis… I take the visions and hopes of people seriously… I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to truly impact lives…”

Odds And Ends
The Political Social Worker (Rachel L. West, LMSW)

“ACOSA has recently entered into a collaboration… to present a live Twitter Chat…The first chat… is March 13th at 9:00 PM (EST).  #MacroSW will be the hashtag… the state of macro social work education…”

Quick Tip: Clipping and Highlighting for Research
Social Work Tech (Ignacio Pacheco, MSW)

“What I used: My Internet Browser (Chrome or die)… Pocket App (on iOS)… Pocket Extension (for Google Chrome)… I save articles to my Pocket app on ongoing basis for personal, self-care, and professional reasons…” 

Safe Escape: Disrupting Human Trafficking
Child Welfare Blog (Connie Hayek)

“What if a sign in a window could signal victims that they could access services and assistance in leaving their life of involuntary servitude?…Persons at these locations would be trained…technology might be utilized…” 

Self Care in the Digital Age
Virtual Connections (Nancy J. Smyth)

“every new technology both solves problems for society and also creates new challenges…Just because I can, doesn’t mean I have to… Without mindfulness, you are not free to make a new choice in the moment…”

InSocialWork Podcast (UBSSW, Dr. Robert Duran)

“Dr. Robert Duran discusses what he has learned in 20 years of being involved in, observing, and researching gangs… unique perspective lends him multiple lenses to inform and challenge conventional wisdom related to what gangs offer their members, the contexts in which they form, and what holds them together…”

Social Work and the DSM-5 – podcast
CUSSW (Drs. Michael First and Janet Williams)

“When it comes to mental health disorders, there is a “loose relationship” between diagnosis and treatment. Many health professionals are frustrated that the DSM doesn’t do more… clinicians outside the U.S. use ICD-10…”

Training to Make Cultural Shifts with a Focus on LGBTIQ Clients
In Situ (Kellie Scott, MSW)
“simply providing information does not easily shift how a person thinks or acts… participants participate in a privilege walk… activity illuminates how social identifiers, which are out of participant’s control, determine ones privilege…”

Want to reduce mental illness? Address trauma. Want to save the world? Address trauma
Social Justice Solutions (Laura K Kerr, Ph.D)

“The denial of trauma’s impact — or complete silence about its occurrence, such as the silence that often surrounds childhood abuse — has been the main approach to dealing with trauma’s aftereffects…”

What are you doing for Social Work Month: #SWHelper Live Twitter Chats Are Back
Socialworkerhelper (Deona Hooper, MSW)

“Social Work Helper… reboot the #SWHelper Live Twitter Chats on Sundays at 3PM EST… virtual world is providing social workers around the globe the opportunity to connect… March 9th at 3PM EST…” 

“What is Fundamentally Beautiful, is Compassion”
N.A.H. (Relando Thompkins, MSW, LMSW)

“A compelling message from actress Lupita Nyong… internalized hatred of her dark skin, Eurocentric standards of beauty, and the redemption she found in “seeing herself” represented…someone else, who looked like her…” 

What World Of Warcraft Can Teach Us About Race, IRL
NPR (Gene Denby)
“the different races in the game have special abilities, different strengths and weakness… After you pick a race, you pick a class — say hunter, mage, warrior, warlock… roleplay means acting out the in-game racial strife..”

#WomenInspire Blog Carnival Kick-Off!
USC Social Work (Gabriela Acosta)

“In honor of Women’s History Month… we invite you to blog about a woman who has inspired you personally to take action in your community… opportunity to honor an amazing woman in your family… ” 

Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden: On Intimacy Between Men
The Irreverent Psychologist (Jason Evan Mihalko, Psy.D)
“real men–heterosexual, courageous and physically strong… defined against effeminate forms of masculinity… What happens when some men get a little free and discover they can be mostly straight…also enjoy intimacy…”

Broader Life Perspective: An Important Element of Trauma Treatment
Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute (Ricky Greenwald, PsyD)

“client is asked to visualize a “movie” of the trauma story… while the therapist counts aloud… guide… client to identify a beginning… before anything bad happens… ending… after the bad part is over… help the client to tolerate the exposure… integrate the memory…”

The Good Goodbye
Teenage Whisperer (Sam Ross, BSc, MSc, Cert EP (YJ))

So whether I’m leaving… On an up or a down… You set the tone… Last words, last contact… Stick in the mind… So whether you’re leaving… Or it is me… Let’s end it well…”

“The Pyramid of Self-Worth” Step 1–Practice Self-Awareness (& video)
Dr. Christina Hibbert

“For many, self-awareness is difficult… We not only see the “negatives;” we also get to discover our strengths. We get to understand who we really are… First and foremost–Leave the judgment out of it…”

How Trauma Affects Your Brain
HealthyPlace (Michele Rosenthal)

“Your body and mind are designed to fluctuate between response and repair… your body knows to gear up to fight/flee/freeze or rest and restore. After trauma, however, some of these chemicals can remain high…” 

SoundsTrue (Tami Simon and Lisa Wimberger)

“how people can change their ingrained beliefs and conditioned behaviors using her revolutionary method. Neurosculpting takes a whole-brained approach to changing the way we deal with stress…”

Self Care: Defensiveness
The Gottman Institute (Ellie Lisitsa)

“When we allow ourselves to become routinely defensive in a relationship, we get used to handling problems by shoving them out of sight and out of mind…provide no opportunity for productive connection…” 

Too Queer for Your Binary: Everything You Need to Know and More About Non-Binary Identities
Everyday Feminism (Kaylee Jakubowski)

“gender is an abstract and infinitely complex idea that means something different to every person…a genderqueer person can have any gender identity…Pronouns for genderqueer folks…include gender neutral pronouns, such as “they/them/theirs” or “xe/hir/hirs,”…”

The toughest kinds of groups
Counseling Today (Christine Schimmel and Ed Jacobs)

“Group leading is about the art of engagement… especially true with involuntary members… how one counselor made the initial moments of the first session appealing…I know you are all very angry about having to be here…”

When a Parent is Incarcerated
The Trauma and Mental Health Report (tmastor)

“When a Parent Goes to Prison helps explain incarceration to a younger audience… shows like Sesame Street… program for nurturing a parent-child bond is filial play therapy…”

Yik Yak
Cyberbullying Research Center

“Yik Yak is pretty much a location-based anonymous Twitter feed… instead of focusing on banning… work to instill good values in their children and students so that they choose not to use them in ways that cause harm…”

Non Profit:

How to Market Yourself in the Nonprofit Sector
The Bridgespan Group

“Determine what you want—and what you have to offer…Job seekers who are able to clearly convey the specific skills and experiences they have to offer to a potential employer can make themselves stand out…”

Who you gonna call? 3 online tools to connect you with experts
Idealist Blog (Rebecca Olson)

“a new… platform… to help people everywhere connect and take action on any issue that concerns them, locally or globally… online launch on March 11… Catchafire… Professionals search for projects they want to work on…”

Private Practice:

5 Things to think about when picking a Theme for your Word Press Website
Get Down to Business Consulting (Cathy Hanville)

“You are looking at at the 2,300 free themes… Is the theme easily customizable or do you have to edit the code to make most changes?…Is there online support if I have questions?…”

Australia Counselling (Clinton Power)
“Begin with reading the blogs of other fellow therapists… cultivate your own unique voice… Consider blogging a one-on-one conversation with a single individual… help your client tap into their own inner solutions…”

Does Your Marketing Match?
Dr. Susan Giurleo

“Do I need a broad reach to as many people as possible, OR do I need to reach the few who can use my service?…The answer to that question determines your marketing strategy…”

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