1. Andy says

    Thanks for this interesting post. I am a big fan of technology and its efficiencies.

    What I find curious, Iggy, is that you haven’t mentioned the use of any applications or games as techniques for motivating patients or keeping a log on their progress in terms of mood etc.

    Are there any such tools that you have used so far that have proven helpful?

  2. says

    As with everything I do in clinical practice, I look at everything from an ethical perspective: Is [intervention] clinically beneficial to the client? Am I well-grounded or familiar-enough with [intervention] to be able to confidently refer my client to it?

    The only media I ever ask clients to acquire are books or DVDs if I think they are clinically appropriate, as these are typically accessible. For example, the movie “Enough” is about Jennifer Lopez’s character suffering domestic violence, showing common characteristics of it and that it transcends socio-economic status, and ultimately shows how she persevered over her situation. Practically, this normalizes this experience of going through domestic violence (to some extent) but clinically, it may be inappropriate with a client who suffers from severe PTSD due to having experienced DV.

    I refrain from recommending apps to my client as advanced technology is not always accessible, due to economic or learning disparities between the clinician and client. The only apps I have used in the work that I do are those that access interventions, specifically PDFs or iPad compatible video. For clients that have previously asked, I have recommended the Meditation Oasis Simply Being Application, but I have grown out of relying solely on the app to guide meditations (as I have previously) and can now do these on my own.

    I don’t record client information on my iPad because I am very uncomfortable carrying this information around with me, although I have carried around process recordings before. The only thing I use to keep a log of my client’s progress is my handwritten notes that I keep locked up. Some things have to stay “old school”.

    I hope this has helped!

  3. Andy says

    Thanks. I didn’t consider the economic and learning barriers although I should have in our field of social work :)

  4. Anonymous says


    Thanks for sharing all these helpful tips.

    I have a question for you about your mindful meditation practice. I’ve heard many people talk (only) about the positive benefits of this but no one seems to mention the fact that it may also cause unpleasant feelings or emotions to arise…

    May I ask you whether you had this experience of having anxiety or other negative feelings come up for you and if so, how did you deal with it?

  5. says

    For clients, I do an abbreviated lesson on mindfulness and due to the fact that many of my clients focus on their breath and are asked to consider acknowledging their thoughts before they “flutter away”, they tend to respond postively.

    The unpleasant feelings that have come up for me during a meditation of this type are increased anxiety and feeling an increase of my blood pressure as a byproduct of the increased anxiety. When this has happened, it is usually within the first three minutes of my meditation and I acknowledge the tension that I am feeling. I also acknowledge that I am in control and that these feelings will pass as I focus on being present and the soothing voice (Meditaiton Oasis’ “SimplyBeing” app) that is leading the meditation. Typically, I come out of the meditation with aforementioned symptoms diminished.

    When negative emotions come present, I may acknowledge them and try my best to “let them go” as the guided meditaiton instructs me to. I let myself stay grounded to the present and allow myself to feel what I need to feel as I move forward with the meditation.

    I hope that helps answer your question :)

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